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Research Question: How goose father have improved relationshop with their children using objects?


Many students have been separated from parents so as to study abroad since they were young, so they need to keep up with their parents, in order to share their daily life and thought, even though they are not living together. Especially, teenagers can’t distinguish the right from wrong. It means that they need to be under control of parents. Also, they sometimes need to get some advice for solving the problems, and parents need to lead them to be a good adult. That’s why I think that they have to keep in touch with their parents by doing tactile, which makes teenagers feel more familiar. When I researched the relationship between parents and children, the research said that “The parent-child relationship is one of the longest lasting social ties human beings establish,” said Kira Birditt, lead author of the study and a researcher at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR). “This tie is often highly positive and supportive but it also commonly includes feelings of irritation, tension and ambivalence.”

Like this, the relationship between parents and children looks quite comfortable, and at the same time complicated. That is why it may be more difficult to solve some psychology problem between them. That is to say, to recover and maintain the relationship in the situation that children are separated from parents, there is something, which can help them with the social object to promote communication between them.


LunchBox Project Booklet

Psychologists have said that cooking is a good way to improve the relationship between goose fathers and adolescents, whereupon an application for a recipe diary was developed. With this application, teenagers studying abroad can share recipes with their father back home, by uploading their recipe. As they share their recipe, when they have time (such as during weekends for example,or, given the time difference, one of the day’s set meal time.), they can cook together with this application. While they cook, the application would check their cooking progress with uploaded photos. For example, after father cook in the first stage, they should upload a photo to progress the next stage. After the child checks the uploaded photo, the next step would be provided to the goose father. This can also be done in reverse, with the father checking on the child’s cooking. Once the dish is completed, the food is placed in a special lunchbox.It is known as the ‘Lunchbox project’, which helps goose fathers improve the relationship with their children. The lunch box has a unique function to deliver eating pattern to its counterpart lunchbox. To illustrate this, the lights inside dishes of goose father is turned on in the order teenager eats, which means that they can feel they are eating each other together.


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